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Turtlebot Create Issues on Groovy

I'm currently having issues getting my Turtlebot 1 (using iRobot Create) working using a fresh install of Groovy. Previously I've been running fine on Fuerte.

I'm aware there's been a fair amount of change in the implementation for Groovy, so I'd like to know whether others have this working currently, or if it is a work in progress.

The 2 initial issues I ran into were:

  1. References from & still made to "turtlebot_driver" which now looks to be renamed to "create_driver" - solved by renaming import

  2. create_node unable to resolve PyKDL import - solved by adding kdl dependency to manifest

I've moved past both of those issues - now I receive a Exception: Robot not connected, SCI not available, despite the create connecting successfully with its state visible on the turtlebot dashboard.

If others have their Turtlebots working on Groovy I'd be interested whether you needed any changes beyond the configuration items in the tutorials