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need help converting lat-long coordinates into meters

I have a bunch of coordinates captured from my gps in lat-long coordinates, the formatting is like so:

lat: 43.47798167 # Latitude (degrees). Positive is north of equator; negative is south.

long: -80.545065 # Longitude (degrees). Positive is east of prime meridian, negative west.

I'm simply getting this data from my /fix topic, or gps_common/GPSFix.msg. I want to convert all of my lat-long coord's to meters.

For example, this is position 1:

lat: 43.47798167, long: -80.545065

This is position 2:

lat: 43.47784167, long: -80.54544833

What's the distance traveled in meters from position 1 to 2 in the x and y directions?