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autonomous navigation and exploration

Intro Hi! I was wondering if someone can help me figure out what are the next steps that I should take in order to achieve autonomous navigation using Hector Slam.

Hardware and Software Detials Robot Car is a raspberry pi with 4 wheels,lds lidar, and ROS Kinetic. There is no odometry.

This is being used to remotely control the robot car with the keyboard Tasks Completed Got thel lds lidar and Hector Slam package from ROS website/Github (ROS provided links to the Github) Used the hector slam tutorial ( to change my base_frame, odom_frame, and laser_frame offsets to the following:

Next Steps? I have going around ROS tutorials and ROS Answers and I am confused about where to go from here.

I know that running the Hector Slam "tutorial.launch" file will bring up RVIZ and on there I can send a "2D Nav Goal". I also know I need something else to subscribe to that topic to publish to "/cmd_vel" so that my robot can move. However, I do not know how to do that.

It seems as though, I can either use "move_base" from the Navigation Stack tutorial or use "hector_navigation"/"hector_exploration_planner". any help will be very much appreciated as this is for my graduation project