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ros2 bag play cannot read db3 file because it "doesn't exist"


I'm trying to play a bagfile which I recorded on one of my computers running ROS2 Dashing. However, when I try to play the same bagfile on a Foxy installation usiing the following command pointing to the directory storing the bagfiile data:

ros2 bag play rosbag2_2020_09_15-15_42_04

I receive this error:

[ERROR] [1600181707.549258324] [rosbag2_storage]: Could not open './rosbag2_2020_09_15-15_42_04.db3' with 'sqlite3'. Error: Failed to read from bag: File './rosbag2_2020_09_15-15_42_04.db3' does not exist!
[ERROR] [1600181707.549299695] [rosbag2_storage]: Could not load/open plugin with storage id 'sqlite3'.
[ERROR] [1600181707.549321650] [rosbag2_transport]: Failed to play: No storage could be initialized. Abort

The directory contains the metadata.yaml file as well as rosbag2_2020_09_15-15_42_04.db3

It's very weird since the bagfile plays perfectly on my Dashing installation, so I'm not sure if there's something wrong specifically with the system running Foxy or if there is something from the bagfile that's incompatible between distros.

Any help is greatly appreciated!