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rtabmap: Did not receive data since 5 seconds ! (but it should be receiving !)

Hello, I'm using ros-noetic-desktop-full/focal,now 1.5.0-1focal.20200826.205403 amd64 [installed] on Ubuntu 20

rtabmap says it's not receiving data but the topics it's subscribed to are sending data.

[ INFO] [1599753269.979982470]: Odom: quality=374, std dev=0.008319m|0.038960rad, update time=0.048805s
[ INFO] [1599753270.384529419]: Odom: quality=366, std dev=0.008452m|0.027549rad, update time=0.055490s
[ INFO] [1599753270.783139929]: Odom: quality=382, std dev=0.008427m|0.036256rad, update time=0.054365s
[ INFO] [1599753270.980215457]: Odom: quality=381, std dev=0.009444m|0.027549rad, update time=0.052128s
[ INFO] [1599753271.187793313]: Odom: quality=366, std dev=0.009227m|0.041195rad, update time=0.057325s
[ INFO] [1599753271.582514826]: Odom: quality=361, std dev=0.008557m|0.032761rad, update time=0.052902s
[ INFO] [1599753271.782553265]: Odom: quality=375, std dev=0.008748m|0.036256rad, update time=0.051991s
[ WARN] [1599753272.071042131]: /rtabmap/rtabmap: Did not receive data since 5 seconds! Make sure the input topics are published ("$ rostopic hz my_topic") and the timestamps in their header are set. If topics are coming from different computers, make sure the clocks of the computers are synchronized ("ntpdate"). If topics are not published at the same rate, you could increase "queue_size" parameter (current=5000).
/rtabmap/rtabmap subscribed to (approx sync):
[ INFO] [1599753272.190012838]: Odom: quality=359, std dev=0.008809m|0.027549rad, update time=0.056297s
[ INFO] [1599753272.393765113]: Odom: quality=374, std dev=0.008249m|0.036256rad, update time=0.061737s

I can see the odometry with rtabmapviz and as you can see it's working (well ?) . I've check all 5 topics one by one because multiple topic checks fails with this

rostopic hz /stereo_odometry /stereo_camera/left/image_rect /stereo_camera/left/camera_info
subscribed to [/stereo_odometry]
subscribed to [/stereo_camera/left/image_rect]
subscribed to [/stereo_camera/left/camera_info]
Traceback (most recent call last):  
File "/opt/ros/noetic/bin/rostopic",
line 35, in <module>
    rostopic.rostopicmain()   File "/opt/ros/noetic/lib/python3/dist-packages/rostopic/",
line 2132, in rostopicmain
    _rostopic_cmd_hz(argv)   File "/opt/ros/noetic/lib/python3/dist-packages/rostopic/",
line 1523, in _rostopic_cmd_hz
    _rostopic_hz(topics, window_size=window_size,
filter_expr=filter_expr,   File
line 323, in _rostopic_hz
    rt.print_hz(topics)   File "/opt/ros/noetic/lib/python3/dist-packages/rostopic/",
line 270, in print_hz
    print(_get_ascii_table(header, stats))   File
line 285, in _get_ascii_table
    body = '\n'.join('   '.join(cols[h][i] for h in header) for
i in xrange(n_rows)) NameError: name
'xrange' is not defined

So after checking the topics one by one all of them are publishing data at about 4-5 messages per second. I'm lost :) . Am I misunderstanding the message somehow ?

Thanks in advance