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Autoware laserscan2costmap creates map with wrong orientation

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and Autoware 1.13 installed from source following the wiki page instructions.

When I try to create a costmap from my laserscan using the laserscan2costmap node from Autoware Runtime Manager, the orientation of the /ring_ogm output is not correct. Is it rotated with regards to the sensor frame.

Steps to reproduce the bug

  • Launch runtime manager and enable
  • RViZ and laserscan2costmap node from the Computing tab.
  • Load this bag in the Simulation tab.
  • In the laserscan2costmap node, set as scan topic /front_laser/scan and as sensor frame: front_laser_base_link
  • In RViZ visualize the /front_laser/scan and the /ogm_ring topics.
  • Run the ROSbag

The result is shown in the following screenshot. Normally the costmap should be rotated anticlockwise 90 degrees to match the sensor frame.

image description