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Offline docs, tutorial or API

I regularly have to work for extended periods offline. Is there a reasonable way to download and browse (e.g. easy searching, etc.) ros docs, api refs, tutorials and maybe even the wiki? I primarily am working with rospy, but obviously need docs on the core as well.

Here are some things that I've considered or tried:

  1. Download: mirror the website following instructions here or here

    View: Run a local webserver (not sure how to make this work, but I could probably figure it out)

    Problems: Requires way to much storage space and bandwidth (>150GB according to the second link?!). Also, the instructions given in the first link don't work for the wiki. The rsync command for the docs seemed to be working, but I cancelled after I got over 5 GB worth of downloads with no end in sight. The rsync command for the wiki only got a few mb of stuff, and nothing useful from what I can tell.

  2. Download: A prepackaged docset such as this one

    View: Use zeal or dash

    Problems: Doesn't include rospy or tutorials, and seems pretty out of date.

  3. Download: When connected, open up a bunch of tabs to all the tutorials, etc. I think I might need, and just don't ever close them or shutdown (this is what I'm currently living off of pending a better solution). Obviously I could do a littler better by using an browser extension to facilitate offline caching, or copying all the links into a text file and using a script to wget offline links or something.

    View: Browser

    Problem: Tedious and inevitably incomplete.I have to anticipate what topics I may be using. I'm currently learning ROS, and I frequently have to search for stuff, so this isn't going to work super well.

  4. Download: Docstrings in python (they are 'built-in' - so good news is nothing additional needs to be downloaded!)

    View: I've still never found a satisfactory way to browse python help docs (e.g. compared to nice searchable online versions), but I can get by with pydoc and the help command, along with tab completion in ipython.

    Problems: No tutorials/wiki. Only includes self documented python code (and the docs strings in rospy are not always that great). Viewing/searching isn't super convenient.

By the way, I don't think I'm asking for the impossible - the entire stackoverflow posts archive can be had for less than 15GB, so something similar should be possible with the ROS wiki/tutorials, especially if I only care about one distro and one language. I'd even be willing to leave out images if necessary.

Any more suggestions?