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Error when use imm_ukf_pda_truck on Autoware

Hi you,

I am using a camera and lidar to detect and track objects. I could detect objects by using YoloV3 algorithm in combining with the lidar euclidean algorithm and the result is displayed on RViz (object name and distance). To track objects, I checked on checkbox imm_ukf_pda_truck on Autoware. However, there is an error:

[ERROR] [1573195888.638940646]: Lookup would require extrapolation into the past. Requested time 1573195754.240423168 but the earliest data is at time 1573195878.649365694, when looking up transform from frame [velodyne] to frame [world].

I don't understand why. Could you help me figure out the reason for the problem?

My environment:

  • Autoware 1.12.0 melodic (docker)
  • Ubuntu 18.04

Thank you very much!