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Porting from Eigen 2 to Eigen 3

I'm trying to get the turtlebot_kinect_arm_calibration package converted to work with Eigen 3 (new in Fuerte). I've resolved the dependency issues but still get errors with rosmake:

src/calibrate_kinect_checkerboard.cpp:67:41: error: conversion from ‘tf::Quaternion’ to non-scalar type ‘btQuaternion’ requested

src/calibrate_kinect_checkerboard.cpp:68:38: error: conversion from ‘tf::Vector3’ to non-scalar type ‘btVector3’ requested

src/calibrate_kinect_checkerboard.cpp: In member function ‘bool CalibrateKinectCheckerboard::calibrate(std::string)’: src/calibrate_kinect_checkerboard.cpp:317:5: error: ‘estimateRigidTransformationSVD’ is not a member of ‘pcl’not a member of ‘pcl’

I'd like to get the Eigen2 support modes enabled using the pre-processor #define EIGEN2_SUPPORT_STAGE10_FULL_EIGEN2_API but putting that at the top of my .cpp files is not working. Does that go somewhere in the CMake or manifest.xml files? Has anyone already gotten the Eigen->TF working with Eigen 3?