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Conversion of xacro to urdf

I have a xacro file, and I need to convert it to urdf file. I have a folder called baxter_description. In this folder, there are two inner folders called meshes and urdf. In urdf folder, there are some urdf files and xacro files. I have to convert my_baxter.urdf.xacro file to urdf file.

To accomplish this, I executed following command: rosrun xacro xacro my_baxter.urdf.xacro --inorder > my_baxter.urdf

When I executed this command, I got this error:

resource not found: baxter_description

ROS path [0]: /opt/ros/kinetic/share/ros

ROS path [1]: /home/goktug/catkin_ws/src

ROS path [2]: /opt/ros/kinetic/share None

Is there anyone who can know the reason of this problem ?