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building a custom hardware interface for MoveIt

Hello, I struggle building a hardware Interface for my custom build 6-axis robot. I've already build everything for the robot, so there is a topic published, containing all the measured angles from the encoders and I have another topic, on which my robot is subscribed to, where I can publish positions that are then executed by the robot.

Using the fake_controller, I can move the robot without listening to my encoders, so I would like to use ros_controls with a predefined controller. I do know that I need a hardware interface which provides the controller with current positions and takes the commands, calculated by the controller and publish them to my robots command topic.

But how? Where is my hardware interface located, what do I need to change in my demo.launch etc. I read a lot of tutorials, but neither one did answer my questions. I would be very thankfull to see someones moveit setup with a custom robot.