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Are there any implementations of ROS-2 using DDS ans FreeRTOS on microcontrollers ?

Hi, I'm working on a project that uses a STM32H7 running with a FreeRTOS and ROS-2. I plan to use DDS as a transport layer for messages between the card and a computer using ROS-2 via UDP protocol but I wanted to know first if there are any implementation like this. I thought to use Micro-ROS with the abstract layer but I'm not sure if this is the best solution. Since there are some implementations of micro-ROS on microcontrollers (like on the Kobuki Robot), it seems to be a good solution. I know there is an implementation of Micro-XRCE DDS (one of the DDS library, based especially on embedded support) using a Renesas RX65N with FreeRTOS but without a ROS-2 running on the card. I know also there is an implementation that Loïc Dauphin done without the use of Micro-ROS (no DDS implementation), using RIOT and CBOR protocol.