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How to make the robot autonomous(Real time SLAM)

Hello All

One of the biggest problems I have is, when we talk about SLAM it means doing the mapping and localize it in the same time but all the method I can see in ROS so far is not close to SLAM. For example, first with gmapping, we have to make the map and save it and after that, we need to load that map with map server and with amcl localize the robot inside this map.

What I need is to make the robot start exploring the environment and while it's avoiding the obstacles along its way and making the map at the same time.

later on, I like to detect loop closure while I'm making the map.

Is there any package in ROS that I can use to make the robot exploring autonomously and avoid the obstacle and making the map at the same time?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Iman