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Dynamic obstacles and teb_local_planner

Hi all,

When addressing the problem of dynamic obstacles avoidance with my mobile base, I came across this solution. The mentioned tutorial assumes some node is publishing costmap_converter/ObstacleMsgs on a pre-defined topic. In that case, a toy python node is publishing a fake obstacle moving in y direction.

What I'm interested in, is in having a proper way to detect dynamic obstacles and let the teb_local_planner consider them for planning. In the main wiki page, the documentation of the include_dynamic_obstacles parameter states that:

~<name>/include_dynamic_obstacles (bool, default: false)

    If this parameter is set to true, the motion of obstacles with non-zero velocity (provided via user-supplied obstacles on topic ~/obstacles or obtained from the costmap_converter) is predicted and considered during optimization via a constant velocity model. New

Therefore I'd be very interested to know how to obtain dynamic obstacles from the costmap_converter.

Please, can someone show me how to do that?