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How does the RVIZ maker work and how can I turn it off?


I'm having an Intel Aero Ready to Flight Drone with Ubuntu 16.04 installed. It uses Cartographer for SLAM and RVIZ for visualization. When using the tool, I see on RVIZ, there are some markers is drawn during the flight. The marker is a green-red-blue-axis (look like an x-y-z graph) with coordinate on top. I notice it usually drop the marker at the following situation:

  • When started (initial position), so the marker always be (0,0)
  • When there is a change on the path (observe an obstacle and change the path). It will increase the second number to (0,1), (0,2)
  • When completed the objective/goal (moved to the designated position). A marker is also dropped (0,3)

Can I ask what the coordinate mean? Why, in my case, only the second number increased? And what if I do not want to observe those markers, how can I turn it off?

Thank you.