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rmw_implementation dependency on rmw_opensplice_cpp


I just upgraded to Dashing and ran into this issue when compiling control_msgs. As a workaround, I wanted to just uninstall the current openslice packages but there appears to be a required dependency chain that won't let it uninstall.

rclcpp -> rmw_implementation -> rmw_opensplice_cpp -> rosidl_typesupport_opensplice_cpp

I would not have expected rmw_implementation to depend on rmw_opensplice_cpp here (or rmw_fastrtps_cpp). Is this intended? Note, for example, that rosidl_typesupport_cpp only suggests rosidl_typesupport_opensplice_cpp, which is what I would expect.

(side note: "dashing" needs to be added to the ROS answers distribution tag list)