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Error with an image subscriber !

Hello ROS community,

I'm working with a USB2 camera module (Arducam AR0134), for the moment I use some of the constructor libraries to make my publisher and it work good and it gives me also ROS sensor_msgs/image.

I'm able to see my image stream with "image_view". And for the moment, I'm trying to add a subscriber in python to recover my images and save it. Since I'm working in this, I'm facing a lot of problems but I resolved the most but without receiving image in my subscriber because of some errors :

When using python I found in ros.tutorial that they use this instruction import roslib, roslib.load_manifest('my_package' ) so in my case I don't knew which kind of package I will use !!!!

Another problem, can we implement a ros publisher for the camera in python and subscriber in cpp !!!

Than you for answer