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How to create subscriber to get USB2 camera images

Hello every body,

I'm working with Arducam camera, which is an USB2 camera, in ROS and I'm following this tutorial :

And in this tutorial, they are programming a publisher node and a lauch file to work this camera, when I do rostopic info <some topic=""> it gives me that there are no subscriber.

In my application I wan't to save the image provided by the camera; so the publisher returns ROS images. what I want is to use a subscriber to recover the images in mat format with openCV; in this Ros forum they suggest to use cv_bridge and cv_transport :

I understood the main problem. But I don't knew if in my case I can use this issue with my camera !! And I want also to knew if I have to perform a new node as a subscriber or I will include a subscriber node in the same node as the publisher.

Thank you at advance. I wish some one could reply me.