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Localization and Odometry


I am trying to improve my localization of my robot for the autonomous navigation in my lab. I am using RealSense d435 ,encoders and RTABmap (without visual odometry) . I don't understand what is the main purpose of my odometry message (except the velocity data) if the localization is taken from my camera. I noticed that move_base stop the robot when it gets the position from the odometry massege and not the position from the camera. The robot made a lot of rotations (recovery behavior) and when I listened to the localization topic I could see that there was not any message (loop closure didn't recognized). It happens frequently. I am wondering if I can set that move_base will take the robot pose from my encoders because it is reliable than the camera. I will happy if someone explain how localization and odometry works within the navigation.

tnx, Aviad