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Orientation to grasp object from y axis


I’m trying to achieve pick and place in gazebo by sending trajectory from moveit. I noticed in moveit pick and place tutorial that orientation is given as follows:

orientation.setRPY(-M_PI / 2, -M_PI / 4, -M_PI / 2)

This orientation tries to pick the object from x-axis direction ( considering x axis is forward, y axis is pointing to the left and z axis is upwards.) Below image demonstartes how my robot arm positions itself when given above orienatation

image description image description

I want to grasp the object from y axis side i.e parallel to the yellow axis shown in the image. What can be the orientation of the robot??

I have came till this orientation:

orientation.setRPY(-M_PI / 4, -M_PI/2 , -M_PI /4)

below is the image representing robot arm with this orientation. image description image description

if you see then gripper is still inclined and not exactly horizontal. can anyone tell me what can be orientation to grasp the object from y axis direction??