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ROS3D.js how to setup the namespace


I am running my node with a launch file, in a namespace. Lets call it: my_namespace. I am getting the following error when I am trying to use the example urdf.html in ros3djs package:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read
property 'documentElement' of
    at new UrdfModel (roslib.js:4140)
    at ros3d.js:54785
    at roslib.js:2108
    at Ros.<anonymous> (roslib.js:2828)
    at Ros.listener (roslib.js:698)
    at Ros.EventEmitter.emit (roslib.js:762)
    at handleMessage (roslib.js:2971)
    at handlePng (roslib.js:2987)
    at WebSocket.onMessage (roslib.js:3054)

So far, I figured out, that the problem is the following: the lib tries to get the robot_description (and I think everything else) as rosparam get robot_description (ofc through rosbridge, so calling rosapi/get_param service, with the robot_description param). The response is ofc. empty, because it is not existing. The param I have is /my_namespace/robot_description. If I debug in chrome, stop the code, where it gets the params and change to "/my_namespace/robot_description" from the normal "robot_description", it gets its value correctly. Ofc. this is not solving my issue, because I guess everywhere else I should include the namespace as well.

I was not able to find the right parameter, where I should set the namespace. Where should I set a "global" namespace parameter?

Thanks in advance!