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ERROR: Controller is not ready (code: 5000). Can't process ROS_MSG_JOINT_TRAJ_PT_FULL ???

Hi, I use the bimanual robot SDA20D with Motoplus and ROS Kinetic (this). Before I didn' a problem, but now this show in Motoplus.

image description

image description

In the joint states show that torso_b1:

header: seq: 40365 stamp: secs: 1546901453 nsecs: 720045395 frame_id: name: [torso_joint_b1] position: [1.5380859252900336e-08] velocity: [0.0]
effort: []

The position in real robot is 180º grades in joint state b1 is 1.5380859252900336e-08±1e-08.

Now create a new workspace, I clone motoman driver and insdustrial core, the same motoman sda20 package, and I install motoros dx100_181 again. I have the same error.