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ROS 2 Crystal in 16.04 - failing

Hi everyone,

I am trying to install ros2 crystal from source in a clean Ubuntu 16.04 machine. My first surprise is that there are opensplice related packages, which fail to install (no opensplice related dependencies are installed as pre-requirements). But even If a few packages fail, it should still be possible to compile the rest of the workspace and source those good packages correctly.

I have tried ignoring packages related to opensplice, but does not seem to be the main issue. The output I get after I build the workspace following the official instructions (using .repos from release-crystal-20181214) is the following. Note that all the failing packages except ros1_bridge have a connection to opensplice:

Summary: 226 packages finished [1h 12min 39s]
  8 packages had stderr output: rmw_connext_cpp rmw_connext_shared_cpp rmw_opensplice_cpp ros1_bridge rosidl_typesupport_connext_c rosidl_typesupport_connext_cpp rosidl_typesupport_opensplice_c rosidl_typesupport_opensplice_cpp

Sourcing the installation fails, the output is available in this github gist.

I am using a second overlay workspace which fails to build because the main ros2_ws does not provide a correct source.

Any kind of help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance,