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Suggestion for designing UAV swarm

Before starting, YES I READ THE GUIDELINES "general debugging/programming questions not specific to ROS", I don't have anyone to guide and this one is my last hope, so expecting positive response!

I have been asked to design UAV swarm (two or three quad copters) in the following phases:

  1. Software in the loop testing to verify quad copters stability and communication.
  2. Hardware in the loop testing to justify model.
  3. Rapid prototyping for implementation

The objectives of the project are:

  1. Are completely autonomous
  2. Communicate with each other
  3. When sent to an area, they distribute survey area, perform operations (for beginners lets say they will record video of that specified area) and return to the base
  4. (If possible) Live streaming will also be done.

In order to do this project I have 2 options:

  1. I use ROS kinetic with Gazebo for SITL and HITL verification. Pixhawk 4 micro-controller will be used.
  2. I use NI LabVIEW for SITL and HITL verification. cRio microcontroller will be used with PIX provided by LabVIEW.

Personally I like option 1, I have googled and found some work on it (up to the point where a person is hovering swarm of 5 quad copters). But I am new to ROS (haven't used it before) so I can't come up with technical arguments to prove ROS/Kinetic with gazebo to be better option than NI.