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Simulating the robot using moveit

Hello Robotics Community,

I'm an absolute beginner in this field so i request you to help me although the question seems very silly.

My task is to send the robot(in simulation) pose goal. I want to use to moveit framework. Previously i have used V-REP simulator and controlled a robot in V-REP using ROS node.

I want to do same by using moveit framework and gazebo simulator. I have already created the panda_moveit_config package but i dont know what to do next. My main questions are:

  1. Where can i keep my source file of ROS node(containing the code to control the robot)?
  2. How can i run the node and send command to robot model in Gazebo?

I'm looking forward to any tutorials or advice which will help me from environment setup till running the code. Any help is appreciated.