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sicktoolbox installation


I have tried to install sicktoolbox on ROS, but I really do not know how to do it?!!!

First I have installed the sicktoolbox as described on the "The Sick Lidar Matlab/C++ Toolbox - A Quick Start Guide". It works in all examples.

After that my intention was to install the toolbox on ROS.

A can´t make the rosmake step, because it nevers found the sicktoolbox package.

May I put the sicktoolbox in a proper directory? Like (my_installation_dir)/ros/diamondback/stacks/sicktoolbox !!!

Where is rosmake searching for the packages? OR how can I do it?

And the sicktoolbox_wrapper, is it created by rosmake?

All that can be stupid question, but I cann´t overcome this...

Can anyone give me all the steps.

Thanks for you help. Daniel