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Custom state sampler in MoveIt!

Hello everyone,

I'm using MoveIt! with ROS Kinetic on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial to plan the motion of a climbing legged robot. I want to try using sample-based planners to produce a feasible complete joint path/trajectory. To do that I need to create a custom state sampler, because in my application I can't rely on rejection-sampling to find suitable new states.

I have read the MoveIt! custom constraint sampler tutorial page, but I guess it is still incomplete, because I can't find the


template that they talk about.

I have also taken a look at the MoveIt! planning with approximated constraint manifolds but, from what I understand, that is not what I want.

I wish to program in C++. I am not unfamiliar with the OMPL library (so such a thing doesn't scare me), but I'm very far from being an expert. My guess is that I need to repeat the procedure provided in the last link, and somehow make it so MoveIt! knows to use this sampler instead of the default one.

So my question is: how can I implement a custom sampler to use in the MoveIt! framework? I say "custom" in the sense that my sampler will use a specific method to produce valid new states without having to rely extensively on rejection-sampling.

Any input is appreciated.

Best, Maxens