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Hector mapping laser scan limitation

I am running hector_slam package on ros indigo using urg04LX-UG01. No odometry used, only laser scan.

Everything is fine, except the map appears to be incomplete. If the laser scanner does not detect obstacles (beyond range limit [7m]), the map does not appear within the scanned range. I tried to reconfigure hokuyo_node to replace inf value with max value (7m). However, if laser_max_dist is set beyond 7m, obstacles are plotted at 7m, which is suppose to be free space. If laser_max_dist is set below 7m, the map does no appear within the scanned range.

How do plot free space in map if the obstacles is beyond laser scan limit? Gmapping is working with urg04lx well due to the maxRange and maxUrange parameters.

Is there any solution for this problem?


Did i missed any parameter as in gmapping?