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Does ROS include I2C Driver for Odroid/Ubuntu?

I am just beginning to explore whether ROS is even feasible to adopt on my platform. For that matter, I am still trying to sort out just what it is that ROS even brings to the party to simplify software development. No, I have not yet attempted to install ROS so the apparently required ros distro tag is just a wild guess.

I currently have a partially operational C++ based hydronic control automation project under development using Ubuntu 16.04 installed on an Odroid-C2 platform. This project seems to me like a good candidate for getting familiar with ROS before I tackle my next (and more ambitious) autonomous robotic application.

Specifically, my current project must gather data from several temperature sensor ICs using the I2C interface. The ROS Wiki intro paragraph indicates device drivers are part of the ROS landscape. But it is unclear whether a device driver for the I2C interface is included. If not, does ROS documentation provide guidelines for integrating custom driver code?