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Catkin Workspace on Raspbian Jessie

Hello everyone, Until now I was working solely with ROS Indigo on Ubuntu (14.04).

Now, I have installed ROS Kinetic on my RPi, which is running Raspbian Jessie.

Installing ROS Kinetic worked (I followed the official tutorial on the ROS page), but I was confused about the fact that I had to create a catkin workspace called "ros_catkin_ws" already for the installation of ROS. Usually, the catkin_ws was only there for my own packages or packages, which I had downloaded additionally.

My questions:

  1. How do I work with this setup? Where should I create (or download) packages to work on (I am concerned that I will affect the core installation of ROS). Do I have to create a new catkin_workspace where I can work as I know it from Indigo/Ubuntu?
  2. Now, that there already exists a catkin workspace. How do I know how the packages are built. Mainly, I would like to use catkin build instead of catkin make. So what would I have to do for this?
  3. Lets' assume I have built my self-written packages but there seems to be an error. If I want to clean the catkin workspace, how should I do this without affecting the core ROS setup?

Thanks for any help!

Best regards