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Question about bloom/Tutorials/FirstTimeRelease

Hi all, I have a question about bloom FisrtTimeRelease process. Thanks for any point! I have setup a private CI (using buildbot-ros) + private APT repo + custom rosdistro, to serve for our private ROS projects.

When my catkin workspace has two packges A and B, when B exec depend on A, what should I do ? I just follow the tutorial, but the "git-bloom-generate debian" for package B will report error, because rosdep can't resolve the key 'A' when transform the depends.

So now I have to update the custom rosdistro file first to add the key 'A', then use bloom-release to create the release repo and pull request to rosdistro file again to notify the CI.

I think this approach isn't good? I think we should be able to create the release repo before add rosdep key 'A' to the rosdistro. We only need to push changes to rosdistro file after release repo created. Because package A is just in our current catkin workspace ?