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How do I remotely compile ROS node (inc cuda) using catkin_make for the Jetson TX1?

I have a Jetson TX1 running Ubuntu 16.04. I installed a pre-built version of ROS for ARM and I can catkin_make and run my personal ROS nodes on the device itself. I now want to extend these nodes to use cuda cores AND still use catkin_make AND be able to compile on any machine.

I cannot use the master build and run remote technique suggested my Nvidia (using their version of Eclipse) - as I want to carry on using catkin_make. However, I have managed to get my nodes and some dummy cuda code compiling with catkin_make on my x86 Ubuntu 16.04 desktop. So part way there.... But how do I cross compile just these personal nodes (ie. not recompile the whole of ROS) to run on the Jetson TX1?

Furthermore, how do I go about debugging with this build system?

Perhaps I'm even trying to use the wrong build architecture?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!