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Can I reset imu_tools filters?

I use robot_localization and imu_tools filters (they both have the same issue). Everything works quite well. But after driving around a while, the orientation is off a bit, and it gets worse with time. Depending on the driving route, but when just making circles it already is off by 0.2 (orientation.z).

I am using gazebo hector plugin to generate IMU.

My first question is, can I reset imu filter somehow? When I check /imu/data_raw, the orientation seems about correct (about -0.1). When reading /imu/data, the orientation is a bit off (-0.3). This is after driving in circle for one full circle. Second question is, can this be happening due to simulated imu? We have done some modifications to that.

The second question is, is this normal to reset it from time to time?

We are currently not using magnetic information at all.

In reality, the robot has to drive 24/7. I have no experience with working with IMU for a long period of time. Should it be possible to just use the IMU for example 10 days in a row? Or is it normal that for example once a day (or once an hour) IMU gets reset somehow? The robot should be aligned with something concrete on the map for example. Just for the record, we don't want to use very expensive IMU hardware. For example we have tried MPU9250.