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MoveIt with OMPL for mobile platform naviagtion

I'm currently trying to solve the motion planning / navigation problem for my mobile robot. So far I have a working gazebo simulation where I can send manuallay steer / move the robot and it's manipulator. My robot does not fit the standart differential drive / Ackerman-drive / omni-drive kinematic models. I had a look at MoveIt and OMPL.

  • Did I understand correctly that MoveIt just takes my urdf/sdf file (which I also use im my simulation) to generate the kinematic model ?
  • And is it correct that I use OMPL as a plugin in MoveIt to generate a valid list of motion commands ?
  • So I just (general speeking) need to input my SDF into moveit plugin OMPL and can navigate my movile platform ?

I don't want to reinvent the whell and write a motion-planner with the correct kinematic model from scratch. And in the near future we want to add other mobile platforms and we easy want to exchange the kinematic model. As for every project time is always an issue and befor I start wasting a lot of time to find out that this is not working I just wanted to ask the community :-)