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Building height map in Gazebo from occupancy grid

High all,

I've spent a few months doing SLAM and localization using an UGV and SICK LMS122. Therefore, I have plenty of 2D maps as pgm files.

Now, I'm implementing some control laws on a new kind of robot, and I would like to use Gazebo as a simulator to test my work. Moreover, I added a mono RGB camera to my robot, to have better performances in obstacles tracking and classification. But I don't want to SLAM in 3D

So, my question is pretty simple : how can I use a pgm file (occupancy 2D grid map) in order to build an height map and create a 3D environment in Gazebo ?

I've looked on ROS answers, and no one seems to have succeeded, at least not for a final 3D environment. I try to use other simulators (StageROS, DRCSim,...) but their installation on my laptop is an absolute mess.. I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS Kinetic.

Thanks in advance for your help !