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Is there any implementation of hyper redundant or continuum robot?

Hi, I am designing a hyper redundant elephant trunk robot formed by 3 segments and 3 tendoms per segment and I would like to integrate into ROS. elephant trunk robot Also I am new to ROS and after diving through the forums, answers, tutorials and documentation, I don't find anything similar (urdf models, some example, video, simulation...) Reading Moveit documentation, I've seen that inverse kinematics models can be modelled but the robot must have less than 7 DOF. In my case, as it is a redundant manipulator, the IK model requires much more DOFs than that. I've expressed each elephant trunk segment as a combination of 4 DOF rigid links. As the robot has 3 segments, I could model the Ik as a 12 DOF manipulator. Anybody knows if this kind of robot can be modelled into ROS, or if this is not possible?? Thank you