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How to connect VLP-16 (confused about the tutorial)

I try to connect VLP-16 to indigo in four ways, but all failed and led to the same result (no data was printed through command "rostopic echo /velodyne_points" and "rostopic echo /velodyne_packets"):

First method, refer to tutorial about VLP-16

1 Access the Gnome Menu (Super key), type "Networks Connections" then run it.

2 Select the connection's name and click on "edit".

3 Choose the IPV4 Settings tab and change the “Method” field to "Manual". Set as below, according to :

image description

Is the setting correct?

4 sudo ifconfig eth0

5 I don't what it means in tutorial: "Add a static route to the LIDAR's IP address. The IP address can be found on the CD case which was included with the LIDAR. sudo route add 192.168.XX.YY eth0", since I don't have a CD. What should XX and YY be? Or can I skip this step?

Second method:

1 sudo route add eth0 (Without turning off wire and change the settings in "Network Connections")

Third method:

1 sudo ifconfig eth0 (Without turning off wire and change the settings in "Network Connections")

Fourth method: 1. sudo ifconfig eth0

  1. sudo route add eth0

After any of the methods,

I applied:

$ roscore

change to the correct workspace

$source devel/setup.bash

$ roslaunch velodyne_pointcloud VLP16-points.launch

Then, $ rostopic echo /velodyne_points

$ rostopic echo /velodyne_packets

no data was printed from any command above


rosrun rviz rviz -f velodyne

After open the interface: image description "No tf data. Actual error: Fixed frame [velodyne] doesn't exist"

So, what's wrong with the connection to VLP 16? Can you provide me with a detailed and correct way to connect VLP 16 to indigo (Don't mention the tutorial. It is based on HDL-32E)?

Thanks for you all!