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Turtlebot minimal.launch not working with Jetson TK1

Hi all

After re-flashing my Jetson TK1 to 21.4, installing ROS and Turtlebot per the wiki, minimal.launch no longer brings up the Turtlebot with the expected chime.

The last few lines I get before the system hangs is

process[turtlebot_laptop_battery-8]: started with pid [13498]
process[capability_server-9]: started with pid [13506]
process[app_manager-10]: started with pid [13510]
process[master-11]: started with pid [13517]
process[interactions-12]: started with pid [13527]
process[zeroconf/zeroconf-13]: started with pid [13532]
[WARN] [WallTime: 1492941706.791976] Battery : unable to check laptop battery info [/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/charge_full_design || /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/energy_full_design does not exist]
[ INFO] [1492941707.253415215]: Zeroconf: service successfully established [turtlebot][_ros-master._tcp][11311]
[turtlebot_laptop_battery-8] process has finished cleanly
log file: /home/ubuntu/.ros/log/da9c7bfa-280b-11e7-ae6c-74da385e01c9/turtlebot_laptop_battery-8*.log

Looking inside the log file shows:

[rospy.client][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,635: init_node, name[/turtlebot_laptop_battery], pid[13498]
[xmlrpc][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,647: XML-RPC server binding to
[xmlrpc][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,647: Started XML-RPC server []
[rospy.init][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,647: ROS Slave URI: []
[rospy.impl.masterslave][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,651: _ready:
[xmlrpc][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,658: xml rpc node: starting XML-RPC server
[rospy.registration][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,659: Registering with master node http://localhost:11311
[rospy.init][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,751: registered with master
[rospy.rosout][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,752: initializing /rosout core topic
[rospy.rosout][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,757: connected to core topic /rosout
[rospy.simtime][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,762: /use_sim_time is not set, will not subscribe to simulated time [/clock] topic
[rosout][WARNING] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,791: Battery : unable to check laptop battery info [/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/charge_full_design || /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/energy_full_design does not exist]
[rospy.core][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,793: signal_shutdown [Battery : unable to check laptop battery info [/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/charge_full_design || /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/energy_full_design does not exist]]
[rospy.impl.masterslave][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:46,803: Battery : unable to check laptop battery info [/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/charge_full_design || /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/energy_full_design does not exist]
[rospy.core][INFO] 2017-04-23 18:01:47,793: signal_shutdown [atexit]

Previously I was able to run the Turtlebot with the Jetson with no issue even though there was a warning because the Jetson TK1 obviously doesn't have a battery. It looks like now some kind of shutdown signal is being sent when the BAT0 file isn't found. Has anyone experienced this?