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git strategy for catkin and package folders

I am new to ROS and the catkin tool. I have read the tutorials and try to understand how to work with the ROS file structure and tools. Let's say my application will consist of home grown packages a,b and c.

  1. I could place these packages in separate git repositories, but I feel that would be inconvenient as the number grows and as many of them will be very application specific.
  2. Should I place the src folder in git instead? What about the CMakeLists.txt file then? I guess that file is system specific.
  3. Or do you recommend to make the full work space folder as repository and just make git ignore the build and devel folders?

For each solution I am interested in the instructions that a new developer would need to checkout and build the application. For instance I am somewhat in doubt about what catkin (e.g. catkin init work space) does behind the scenes and how much of this should be in git.

Thanks for any advice