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installing my ros package

I have a python node that takes xbox 360 controller inputs and publishes to cmd_vel topic. This node works fine when the ROS master is running on my laptop.

The robot i've built has a raspberry pi on it which runs the ROS master, and I use my laptop to run RVIZ and the node mentioned above, communicating with the ROS master via wifi. The problem is that i cant run the node on my laptop with the ros master being on the pi.

The comms between the two computers works fine, installed nodes on either work fine. I.e RVIS runs happily on the laptop and i can rostopic echo stuff. But when i try and run the node that i made in the catkin_ws i get something along the lines of the following -

Unable to register with master node []: master may not be running yet. Will keep trying.

Every time i reboot my machine i need to source the bash file in devel or whichever one it is (ROS reminds me of a messy university dorm room sometimes), I think this is the problem, as if i try and run a preinstalled node like the teleop key, it can't talk to the ros master. But then if i source ~/.bashrc (which is done by default in every new terminal) it can't find my package, which has my joystick node in it.

My question is, how do i install this package onto my system, much in the same way apt-get does when you install a ros package that way? A google search makes me think rosinstall might be what im after, but trying to find meaningful documentation is like trying to boil water in a chocolate tea pot. As per with anything ROS related.

Cheers in advance.