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[moveit] problem about Cartesian Paths of move_group_interface

I follow tutorials in,and when i plan a Cartesian Paths for UR3, i write the following codes for UR3:

std::vector<geometry_msgs::Pose> waypoints;

  geometry_msgs::Pose target_pose2 = target_pose1;

  target_pose2.position.z += 0.1;
  waypoints.push_back(target_pose2);  // up 
   target_pose2.position.y -= 0.1;
  waypoints.push_back(target_pose2);  // left
  target_pose2.position.z -= 0.1;
  target_pose2.position.y += 0.1;
  target_pose2.position.x -= 0.1;
 moveit_msgs::RobotTrajectory trajectory;
  const double jump_threshold = 0.0;
  const double eef_step = 0.005;
  double fraction = move_group.computeCartesianPath(waypoints, eef_step, jump_threshold, trajectory);
  ROS_INFO_NAMED("tutorial", "Visualizing plan 4 (cartesian path) (%.2f%% acheived)", fraction * 100.0);

ROS_INFO_STREAM("cartesian path .....");
my_plan.trajectory_= trajectory;

The problem is that the fuction double fraction = move_group.computeCartesianPath(waypoints, eef_step, jump_threshold, trajectory); seems work not well .In the terminal i got the following information:

 INFO] [1489330212.136327474]: Visualizing plan 4 (cartesian path) (0.00% acheived)
[ INFO] [1489330227.136626416]: cartesian path .....
[ WARN] [1489330227.461583608]: Skipping path because 1 points passed in.

Some problem occur when running the function for 0.00% has achieved as terminal implied. So it didn't plan out the cartesian path. soi can't see the path in rviz.