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Robot Arm with Closed loop Stepper Motors

Good Day everyone, I am now to Ros but not to Programming. I am a bit familiar wit C and a little bit with C++ and Python and I know where to find answers to Code Problems. The Question I have is : Is it Possible with Ros to build a Robot Arm with Closed Loop Stepper Motors? They should be really strong. I am aiming to get an Arm able to carry at minimum 5KG. My first Idea is to use an Arduino to control the Stepper drivers/encoders and send them back to an Notebook Running ROS (Kinetic). The Motors should get an gearbox so precise Position is really important. 4X Nema 23 and 2 Smaller Stepper Motors should do the trick but I am not really sure.

The Robot should be controlled with a PC to get to exact Positions and with should also be controllable with Joysticks. If it is Possible I would first start with 2 Nema 23 and build the System from the bottom on. I know that the Mathematics are very complex but this Project could least one year.

I couldn't find any Packages for Stepper Motors with Ros and Arduino (small ones and big ones). Or is Ros the wrong Software to Build an Strong Robot.