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Creating your own robot to use with Path finding / Mapping

So sorry if I am asking some silly questions but ROS is such a huge thing which is super fun. I been looking over some of the tutorials, turtlebot etc as one of the simulations does exactly what I want to do with my robot (navigate round a maze). I just want to make sure I have the right steps that I need to learn.

For me to use a real robot in a maze (say my house), I would just like to make sure I know the correct steps

  1. Model the robot for RVIZ (is this the same format for Gazebo)
  2. Write a subscriber driver for the robot (motors, cmd_vel)
  3. Find publishers for any sensors I want to use (currently neato lidar)
  4. Create a Map of the area to load in to RVIZ
  5. Use amcl for path finding