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problem publishing octomap msg from an octomap file

Hello, I have a .bt file and would like to publish an octomap_msg that you can visualize in rviz.

i wrote the following node:

ros::Publisher octomap_pub = n.advertise<octomap_msgs::Octomap>("octomap_loaded", 1);
octomap_msgs::Octomap octomap;
octomap::OcTree myOctomap("");
octomap_msgs::binaryMapToMsg(myOctomap, octomap);

and i can visualize the topic "octomap_loaded" but when i try to visualize it in rviz using the occupancygrid under "status" i have the following message:

0 binary octomap messages received

What am I doing wrong? The message contains the publish octomap because I tried to save the contents to a file using myOctomap.writeBinary(""); and actually I create the same amount .bt file.

Thank You