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Node which aggregates PointCloud2 messages?

Hey everyone,

is there already a node that takes/collects subsequent PointCloud2 messages and combines/aggregates them in the fixed frame?

Some background info:

I have set up a system which generates point clouds from stereo images using elas_ros. The pose of the stereo camera is well known and assumed to be precise. It is published through tf. The generated single point cloud looks pretty good so far. But as soon as I generate a new point cloud from a different perspective, the old point cloud is discarded. I would like to keep it and merge it with the new point cloud from the new perspective.

I'm using some pcl filter (passthrough and voxel grid) nodelets to make the generated point clouds a little more managable. The nodelets transform the current point cloud to the /map frame, cut away parts outside of the range of the camera, reduce density by means of the mentioned voxel grid and publish the resulting point could to /passthrough/output (PointCloud2 message).

Thank you very much!