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Can I set initial joint positions in Gazebo/MoveIt via configuration?

Hi All

I have a urdf description for a robot which includes two Universal Robot UR5 arms, but the default configuration with all joint angles at 0 results in a self-collision.

Can I set the initial pose of the robot in Gazebo via configuration, in the urdf or elsewhere? A previous answer,, suggests launching Gazebo paused, setting via a Gazebo service, and then un-pausing, but that seems rather complex for what I'd have thought must be a fairly standard requirement.

It would also be helpful to have it open into a pre-set pose when running MoveIt+RViz (no hardware or Gazebo), so via the urdf would be ideal. I don't want to add an origin yaw to the urdf, as the urdf will then not correspond exactly to the hardware.

Any advice; is calling gazebo/set_model_configuration the best bet?