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Can I switch (easily, 1:1) from dedicated programming language to ROS?


I am taking part in the project, in which we are using Adept LynX robot ( in industry application. Its job is to transport material around the factory.

Management's wants us to use ROS. LynX is using its dedicated programming language. After initial development and writing code, they want us to switch from this language to ROS (reasons? They want to make universal code and switch from LynX to something else in the future, such us Fetch Freight or Pioneer LX). How (and if) easy it is to switch from this language to ROS? Is it possible to create table with "translation" from one function to its equivalent in ROS? They want to create UNIVERSAL code, regardless to the future platform, and I think it is impossible or pointless.

I am not professional coder, but from what I know, to make such as translation and any switch would require separate code development. I'm an Intern.

I gently as for help and you opinion. What is your opinion?

Thank you,