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Industrial Robot Client: best practice for implementing JOINT_TRAJ_PT_FULL msg

I'm currently working on implementing an custom Industrial Robot Server that talks with the default industrial robot client using the trajectory streamer interface. I got the communication between the robot and the robot client working, but now I want the robot client to send JOINT_TRAJ_PT_FULL messages instead of JOINT_TRAJ_PT messages.

As far as I know the only robot driver that implements this types of messages is the motoman driver. I've been looking at the source code for this driver and the code for the default robot_client. As far as I can see the motoman driver duplicates a lot of code, basically to replace JointTrajectoryPoint with JointTrajPtFull and JointTrajPtMessage with JointTrajPtFullMessage (of course they implement some other stuff as well, but I'm only interested in the JOINT_TRAJ_PT_FULL message part).

As far as I can see I would at least need to adapt the following parts of the JointTrajectoryStreamer class:


  • current_traj_ To a std::vector of JointTrajPtFullMessage or the more general SimpleMessage


  • jointTrajectoryCB
  • trajectory_to_msgs
  • send_to_robot()
  • create_message
  • trajectoryStop (Although not really necessary)

This seems not very efficient to me, is this the intended way of implementing JOINT_TRAJ_PT_FULL messages? If so why is the JointTrajPtMessage part of the general SM protocol and not a motoman specific message type?