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Particle Filter for multiple target tracking

Hi! I'm now working on a human-aware navigation problem in which I need to have a good people tracker from several sensors onboard and offboard. I have a pretty good detector already that gives me a bounding box that I can use and discover the position of the person on the world frame.

From this point on I need to implement a tracker that uses this position as input each new frame of the detector. I used already the Kalman Filter from OpenCv. After using this I thought that might be more interesting to use the Particle Filter, because it might make the data association from different sensors easier, if each sensor contributes with particles. Am I right? For the PF almost all the implementations that I checked were based on color features, not positions, for the tracker, meaning that the tracking is done on the image.

Anyone can help me with opinions on the Kalman Vs Particle on this matter? And anyone knows any implementation that might fit what I'm searching?

Thanks in advance.