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usb_cam not working with eMPIA 2861 chip


I downloaded the usb_cam package to use with a frame grabber that uses the eMPIA 2861 chip. This, when it is plugged in, appears in /dev/video1 (since I have a webcam). Using the launch file provided in the usb_cam package, I am able to view my web cam (in /dev/video0), but when I want to access the other camera, I get an almost black screen:

image description

please, note that the image is not perfectly black, it has thin vertical lines that, in the video stream, move a bit. Regardless of the camera being connected or not, I get the same image.

You can find more information about this problem here.

Any idea on what to do? Some experiments for my phD depends on getting images from this camera!!!!

Thank you!!!